• Objectives and Tasks

    The Electronic Library of Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University is focused on information provision for research and education. Textbooks, methodological publications, theses and dissertations, articles from scientific journals, conference proceedings, papers on the history of the university and other materials are available in the electronic form there. Many of them have been published at Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University or created by authors from Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University.

    E-library storage object is a structurally complete item of the e-library stock, ensured long-term preservation and repeated use of its content.

  • Private Cabinet

    Authorized users have an opportunity to use extra services of Private Cabinet, including creation of a personal list of electronic resources, saving of search requests, creation of summaries of the electronic works fragments. Fragments may be copied only from the resources, which are enabled to copy.

    For authorization use the identifier and the password of the ASPU patron.

  • For Authors

    The procedure for receiving and use of e-resources is regulated by legislation currently in force, local ASPU regulations and direct agreements with the rightholders. The ASPU site provides information for authors, including order of receipt and processing of electronic documents. Preservation of works in the e-library allows using them as literature, recommended for the discipline within ASPU curriculum.

  • For Users

    The resources of the e-library are the part of the entire stock of the ASPU Library. They are presented in the electronic catalogue of the library. However, the search results in the electronic catalogue can be slightly different, since special technologies, oriented to the full-text and multimedia resources are used in the electronic library for the search function.

    Every electronic resource has its own terms of access. As a rule, ASPU Library readers (authorized users) have more rights to work with e-resources.

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